Yokai Pad: for YoKai collecters

This application is made for YoKai Watch™ lovers and medals’ collecters? With YoKai Pad. Take a look to all the existing Yokai From season one! You will find informations like: Japanese name, class ,rank, element,favorite food… thus you will know how to make the Yokais evolve or fuse.
YoKai Pad allows to build an inventory  of all the Yokais you own in the video game or as medals.
Ultimate feature! You own a Yokai? You don’t know the nameof it? No problem. Show the bar code  on the back of the medal and YoKai Pad will lead you to the YoKai sheet!

Why such an application? Because ceriboo’s son is a Yokai medals collecters and needed such an application his Yokai’s collection. So Ceriboo decided to create an application… now available for everyone!
To Sum up, YoKai Pad is the same tool as Whisper’s made for Windows users.


This application is free with in-app purchase to remove ads and available here


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