1 Million downloads 1 year of fitbit clockfaces development. #success #improvement

Hello all.

I did it! 1 million download. and it is thanks to you. you who downloads my clockfaces and maybe shares your satisfaction with friends or family. But SInce then this is what I learned from your feedbacks. First you don’t like very specialized clockfaces or « cute » clockfaces. Pop up watch and Muppet watch are perfect examples. pop up watch is very dark and color are only for the stats. Muppet is animated and seems to be a clock for kids

pop up watch
muppet watch

Obviously, you prefer free clocks. And I am very Happy because you like my clockface that gave me lots of effort and Lama.

Here is my podium

First clockface is : CustomImg. more than 400000 downloads!!!! you like the fact you can switch from a theme to another one. and I think it is logic that the second watchface you like is bing watch. same philosophy but only with picture provided by Bing watch (260000 downloads). The third one is lama watch (140000 downloads). A clockface initially created for my wife and you like it too. that’s a good thing! All I have to say is thanks for your support. Keep following me and if you do not find a clockface that suits you , ask me to create it!!!!!

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