Wallpaper management in clockface: very important. This big error mustn’t be done anymore

Hello everyone.

I noticed that i had an awful mangement of picture in my clockface. i realised this when i developed a clockface yesterday. Let’s take an exemple: Lama watch 2. In Versa 2 the clockface looks like this:

Lama Watch 2 Versa look

And now here is the Ionic Version.

Lama Watch 2 Ionic look

We can notice that the lama took weight. What happened? I am using the same picture between both version. The problem is, in Ionic version, the picture is stretched. To solve this, i am going to « adapt » that picture regarding the ionic format. I am going to center the picture in ionic screen and add a rectangle behing that will have the same colour of the picture ( and i use a dedicated idex.gui file for Ionic). And now i have a fit lama.

It makes sense to say the lama picture is much more beautiful like this. Now i have the work to update my previous clockfaces…..

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