How to activate AOD ( Always on display mode ) on Fitbit Watch

By reading discussion on AOD on DISCORD Fitbit chatroom i saw there a new feature which is dedicated to Fitbit Versa 2. From user’s side that feature allows to see minimum information on a kind of « lockscreen ».From developer side, it forces to modify the clock face design not to comsumpt to much battery.

How to activate AOD?

Here is a video that show a way to activate it

Now here are 2 vidéos. The first is with AOD not activated. you will see that the screen is totally black. The second one is with AOD. you will see that the only thing displayed is the time.



Now you know how to activate AOD and have an example of use. Later when i « mastered » I will give you a feedback of good practices I consider regarding that feature. Thank you guys from Discord that helped to activate/deactivate it! Here is the link to Fitbit Announcement

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