Developer submission: Head up display, a great feature for vehicle .. that you can have thank to your WIndows Phone

As a driver I always wanted to have the speed vehicle  on my windscreen such other vehicle like french car like Peugeot 3008 or by an accessory

Head up Display as accessory

Affichage tête haute en accessoireAffichage tête haute Peugeot 3008Peugeot 3008 Head up Display

To solve this issue, I release DYC my HUD. To use this application, you will need a bluetooth ELM 327 device below.
310x150Thanks to this device DYC My HUD will read engine speed  and car speed . as feature you will be able to change the foregound or the fontfamily. Thus you can use this application to display data on a screen or  just watch on a phone support the available data. This is how I use the application:

DYC my HUD depuis ma voiture

DYC my HUD from my car


The application is available on Windows phone 8.1 and Windows (phone) 10 and is available here.




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