Heart to Band. Buying a heart beat sensor is useless!

Heart to Band is a way to drop all your hear Beat mo,itor to be replaced…. By your Microsoft Band for sure!

It is an universal application (for smartphones and PCs/tablets) that allows you to monitor your heartbeat and calories spent from your Microsoft Band.



Thus this application can record your location if you make exercises by moving.



You can custom the way to stop the measurement.:

  • Stop by clicking on  stop
  • Stop if you reached a number of spent calories
  • Stop if you spend the time you wished

You can start/ stop the measurement … from the band by installing the application’s tile and give the application theme to your Band!



All the measurement can be recorded on the application and can be viewed later.



Heartoband is free with an in app purchase to remove ads. You can download it from here:

Get it from Microsoft

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